Buddha’s Booty // Photo of the Day

This is a statue of the Lord Buddha, taken at
Wat Worachettharam in Ayutthaya, Thailand

or…as my inner five year old calls it, Buddha’s Booty

Buddha Booty - Wat Worachettharam - Ayutthaya, Thailand
Buddha Booty – Wat Worachettharam – Ayutthaya, Thailand

This photo make me giggle every time I look at it. Why? Because I’m 5 years old at heart and can’t see it without thinking about the Buddha’s booty and wondering what’s under those robes.

. . . . .

Interesting (to me at least) fact: this was my original selection for the “a photo that makes me laugh/smile” category in my entry to the Seven Super Shots meme.

Wondering what I chose instead?

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  • http://www.ambitioustraveler.com Ally

    Your photos are amazing! Do you have any tips (for someone who takes not-so-amazing photos ha ha)?

    • http://www.AdventuresofaGoodMan.com Greg Goodman

      Thanks so much Ally. My only tip is to keep on taking photos of everything you see and are interested in. Everyone takes amazing photographs, it’s just how you present them :)