Travel advice when visiting Singapore

A Note From Greg: My wife, Carrie, just spent 13 hours in the Singapore airport on a layover to India. From what she said, it might be the nicest airport on earth. If she had actually left the airport, this new post from my friend Adrian could have been a good guide.

Singapore River - photography by Sacha Fernandez -
Singapore River – photography by Sacha Fernandez –

Photo by Sacha Fernandez

Singapore is a beautiful place to visit with lots to and see. However when visiting the country you need to be aware of rules in place to avoid facing problems during your stay. Read on to discover some helpful tips and advice to help your travels stay stress-free.

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Air Travel

Visitors are advised to avoid flying with airlines subject to the EU operating ban. The restriction of liquids, aerosols and gels carried in cabin luggage also applies in Singapore. Travellers should be aware of this prior to travelling.

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Sea Travel

It is vital that all passengers above board should be aware of the safety packs on ship. Attacks and theft on cruise ships is not uncommon. To avoid this visitors should be extra vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all time. It is important that all travellers should establish secure areas on board. Any incidents should be reported to the costal and flag state authorities immediately.

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Road Travel

Driving in a foreign country can be a highly stressful experience. Road conditions in Singapore are generally good. Like any other country if you are involved in an accident you should not leave the scene until the police have arrived. Valid driving licenses can be used in Singapore. Long term visitors aiming to stay in the country longer than a year should look into a Singaporean driving license.

Singapore roads at night next to Orchard Street - Photography by Kevin Luffs -

Photography by Kevin Luffs

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Travelling with Children

If you are a single parent travelling with your little ones you may be required to provide a document outlining your parental responsibility. A birth certificate usually suffices. If you require more information on this topic contact the High Commission for the Republic of Singapore in London.

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Singapore Dollar is the currency used. American Express credit cards can be used pretty much in every hotel, restaurant and department store. However visitors are advised to check the terms and conditions of using their card whilst abroad. It is always handy to keep your card company’s telephone in your purse in case of an emergency. Fraud is generally not a problem in Singapore however it is better to be safe than sorry.

Different bank notes in Singapore
Different bank notes in Singapore

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Local Laws in Singapore

It is extremely important that travelers pay attention to local laws prior to visiting any country. The death penalty is the punishment for drug offences and trafficking. This is defined by possession of drugs above a certain amount.

Fines and imprisonment is generally the punishment for an invalid visa.

Travelers are to be aware that the involvement in any level of crime whilst in Singapore could lead to the victim as well as the accused to be arrested. This usually involves the confiscation of both parties’ passports which would mean an inability to travel. Before you report any crime be aware of this fact.

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